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Social content curation for celebrities and influencers reaching millions of fans

Ignition, by Digital Artists Entertainment, is an innovative mobile app that empowers on-the-go influencers by providing highly customized, quality content fit for social sharing, with a host of revenue-generating and brand enhancement opportunities elegantly built-in. Ignition unlocks the power of influencers and their millions of passionate fans to drive the discovery and discussion of great content. 1stWave was brought in to design the Ignition iOS App UX.

Ignition Design Examples

“I just got off the phone with my second app walk-thru of the week and wanted to send another email to say fantastic work! Everyone that I talk to seriously loves the app. People can’t say enough great things about the design and easy user interface. Truly they all say it’s a perfect product. Makes my job 10x easier because I have nothing left to explain except for a few additional features they may not have noticed. Anyway, just wanted to say great job!”

Kevin Kelly, Product Sales, Ignition

Behind the Scenes

There is tremendous competition to get attention on the web. It’s no secret that the big driver of traffic spikes are celebrity endorsements. Why should influencers and organizations with a large fan base enrich online marketers by driving social media traffic to them without compensation? Ignition gives artists control and compensates them for participating in social media. Ignition is a mobile app that a celebrity or their social media manager can browse in seconds a day. The app provides curated articles and timely news stories tailored to their interests and lets them post these URLs with comments to Facebook and Twitter.

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