Industry Challenges

Making more efficient use of energy by reducing demand and finding more renewable sources is something we should all be passionate about. But many idealists don't understand the enormous complexity involved in the delivery, maintenance and conservation of energy needs. Utilities need to contact customers, help identify areas for energy reduction, and track progress. Producers face the challenge of keeping infrastructure spread across vast geography operating 24/7.

How We Can Help

1stWave has experience in helping companies implement applications and consumer programs to reduce demand. We also have expertise in creating and developing complex data analysis software for tracking production, identifying points of failure, and automating maintenance calls.

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Energy Project Examples

“We were extremely happy with the Solar Census Surveyor user interface 1stWave delivered. The HTML, CSS and JS for the rooftop shade analysis tool was fantastic and nicely ready to plug our code into. You guys might also be happy to know that the software was a smashing success at the conference (about 30,000 industry professionals). I look forward to working together in the future, on a much more relaxed timeline!”

Sita Kuteira, General Counsel & Business Development, Solar Census

1stWave Services and Expertise

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